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Meet-ups and Clubs

To be listed here, you need to have a somewhat regular meeting of some kind at a public location. Contact me to put your info and a link into this list:


The Shiny Shipwrecked Shenanigans Shindig. Huntsville, AL. March 31, 2012.
Musical acts and some other acts we may not mention....

Other Organizations:

Check out Steampunk Empire - a social networking site for Steampunks. There are lots of loose societies all over the world, little groups that don't meet regularly. You may find your Captain there!

----------------------------------------------------------- keeps a calendar for the fun of it, and for information purposes only. We are not saying these are GOOD events, wholesome or legal, we're just saying these events ARE. Your feedback it welcome on the Contact page.  Send us a note if you would like to post your event here.

Major Events

Here are a list of events that are Steampunk-centric. Some have comments, all are new and different each time. These are not endorsements.


March 23 - 25, 2012 Anomaly Con 2012
 Denver, CO.

April 27-29, 2012. Steampunk Empire Symposium. Cincinnati OH. - If you are on Steampunk Empire - you owe it to yourself to check this out.

May 4-6, 2012. AetherFest. San Antonio, TX.

May 11-12, 2012. Gaslight Gathering.
San Diego, CA.

May 18-20, 2012. Steampunk World's Fair. Piscataway, NJ.

May 24, 2012. 
Steampunk Spectacular - World Steam Expo. Dearborn, MI.

June 8-10, 2012:  Steampunk Industrial RevolutionNashua, NH

August 17 - 19, 2012. GearCon. Portland, OR. 

August 31 - September 3, 2012. Dragon*Con. Atlanta, GA. Your truly will be the programming director for the Alt. History Track. Let me know what you want to see...

September 28-30, 2012 The Great New England Steampunk Exhibition. Pipe wars! Hartford, CT.

September 14-16, 2012. Steel City Steam Festival. Pittsburg, PA.- They have no proper site yet - I don't think, but they are rolling. Look here.

October 5 - 7, 2012 OctopodiCon
Oklahoma City, OK.

November 2012, TeslaCon III. Madicon WI.

Did I miss something? Send me a comment about what I need to add!

If you would like me to put your Steampunk event on the calendar, please leave me a message in the COMMENTS section, and I will post it.  Keep in mind, I am the lone judge of whether your event is appropriate, so no hard feelings if I say 'No thanks.' 
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