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The Clockwork Cabaret

The Sofanauts - Sci-fi lit news and rumors

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Steampunk Literature - Books and Magazines I recommend

Steampunk Chronicle - This is the Steampunk paper of record - like the New York Times. It's not really real until it's in the SPC.

Steampunk Tales - Nice Steam mag. $2 to download to your iPhone or as a PDF.  Way cool. 

Gatehouse Gazette - Short stories, Steam + Dieselpunk.

Steampunk Magazine - free download available - I really like this one, it's like The New Yorker of Steampunk. A very nice mag.


Steampunk Literature - Free Books By Classics

Books by Jules Verne 

Books by H.G.Wells

Free books for your e-reader.


Steampunk Fashion - Historical images

Chenda and the Airship Brofman - T-shirts and more!!!! Help support your humble host and buy my book and associated swag!

Cat Harrison's corsets at Venusian Airship Pirate Trading Company. I LOVE Cat's work. It's good and for an excellent price.

Corsets UK - they are a bargain and have good quality spring spring steel corsets. They have great three for two sales as well.

Ageless Patterns - Beautiful authentic patterns.  You can't break the rules until you know what they are!

Thread Banger - Sewing tutorials for alternative fashion.  Be sure to check out their tutorials for Steampunk week!

The Steampunk Home - There is more to Steampunk than what you wear.  Really.  There is.

The Steampunk Workshop - Oh yes....the contraptions...brilliant! - Education and resources for all types of costuming

The Victorian links from the Costumer's Manisfesto

Pictures - Steampunk fashion on Flickr to whet your imagination

Stanley London - Beautiful brassy bits: compasses, optics, scientific tools.

Victorian and Steampunk HAIR - Where to put those goggles when you're not looking through them.

Harper's Bazaar - 19th Century Fashion magazines on line.



Captain Robert of Abney Park - coming soon


Steampunk blogs of Good Character

Chenda and the Airship Brofman

Coal City Steam Blog

Blue Tea

Brass Goggles

The Clockwork Cabaret

Edwardian Promenade

Exstatic Days - Jeff Vandermeer's Blog

The Flying Fotress - Diesel punk

Gearing Up - Blog in Pictures!

The Heliograph

Voyages Extraordinaire


Steampunk Gadgets

Coming soon.

Steampunk Music

Abney Park - Band website or Music clip. You never forget your first - and they are my favorite!

Dahlia's Tear - A band out of Sweden. Neat sound and cool video.

Two Man Gentleman Band - love them - Esp. Wm. Howard Taft. More here.

Mr. B, the Gentleman Rhymer - featuring the Bajolele Videos Here.

Professor Elemental - The original Pith-Hop.

Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society - Band website and a clip. Very listenable.

Doctor Steel -has the goods!  He's gonna rule the world someday. Here's his site, and an awesome video. And another one. A must see.

The Clockwork Dolls - a band out of Maryland - here's a peek.

The Dresden Dolls - awesome website. Everything's there.

The Extraordinary Contraptions - Site. The sing along from Dragon Con truly entertains!

Johnny Hollow - Embodies Steampunk. Check it out.

Katzenjammer Kabarett - The band website - which plays it's own music for you!

Life's Decay - Get your French strange on with the international website and a listening extravaganza. Listen to Eklaasera - Eveen.  It's liquid clockworks.

Rasputina - Site. Wow - what a quirky video! MUST see.

The Synthetic Dream Foundation - a TSDF webpage and a clip. It's more goth or trance and less what I consider Steam.

Unextraordinary Gentlemen - Unextraordinary but here you go.

The Vanity Set - OK - I'm just creaped out by the music that starts when you load their site.

Vernian Process - Groovy website, complete with radio. There's a little something for everyone - bird calls to ragtime.


Steampunk Groups and Airship Crews

Visit the Events page

Quality Steampunk Merchants

Etsy - See the wares of talented Steampunks, and buy them!

Stanly London - Beautiful brassy bits: compasses, optics, scientific tools

Steampunk Emporium - You can buy a great, whole costume from hat to shoes, but it's not cheap.

Clockwork Couture - Less historical accuracy and more wild Steam fun.

Brute Force Leather - Corsets that make a balcony you can do Shakespeare from!

Chrononaut Mercantile - Supurb quality and designs. Top of the line clothing and accessories.


Steampunk Laughs

The Steampunk Segway

All about the Benjamins - By Emilie Bush

Dr. Snuggles Cartoon

Steampunk Goth 

Cheap Steam

Steampunk Willie! - Post apocalypse Disney

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