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Pou is a pet stimulation game played virtually that is available for download on iTunes and Google Play Service. During the game you take care of a virtual pet by ensuring it is fed, enjoys playing time and oversee its growth. There are other little games within Pou that are useful for earning coins, essential in decoration of the surroundings or dressing your pet. A common thing experienced by most players is the fact everything costs money in the virtual world yet the coins gained are limited. Thus it’s a challenge to purchase luxuries such as houses, designer clothes and expensive items. The question then arises how can you easily get Pou Coins?

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Prepare a Budget or Use Pou Hack

Lack of money in the game can be attributed to most players spending all their coins at once without a strategic thought. Just like in the real world of finance do not spend all your money at once. Instead mentally budget for your coins before you commit tom a purchase. Ensure you have a modest amount left behind whenever you buy valuable items.

It is not a good idea to have less than 100 coins remaining since you may try to spend the little amount and have nothing left to even purchase cheap food. You can try playing games that are moneymakers. Common examples are like Sky Jump, Free Fall and Star Popper. They can yield a pretty good amount of coins.

You can also use Pou hack tool online that can generate unlimited coins for your account.

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Buy items strategically

If you want to keep your coffers healthy, buy a single item at each juncture so as to save funds. With proper savings you can update an object when it suits you. A common pitfall is players acquiring too many items yet they only utilize one material rarely. Question yourself before making any acquisition:

  • Will this purchase make any difference to my Pou
  • Will the future prospects of my Pou be improved

Leveling up is also a obtaining more coins. For instance the second level guarantees 20 coins if you reach the stage. The same applies to the moneymaking games where an extra stage equates to more coins.

Reach your goals

So next time you wonder how can you easily get Pou Coins, Do not be in a hurry to buy coin packs when they are easy steps you can follow to enjoy the game. Remember your pet’s happiness depends on your spending ability. Know Pet owner wants to see his beloved animal go without food! But if you want pou hack, you can always use our tool.

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